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What is FinTech?

        Fintech is about how contemporary information technologies are upsetting the financial services industry. FinTech connects the economic activities and technology to create the business model innovation in the financial sector. Such innovation can change existing industry structures and break industry boundaries, reshape strategic disintermediation, alter how corporations create and deliver products and services, create significant privacy, challenges of regulatory and law-enforcement, provide new entrances for entrepreneurship, and kernel opportunities for wide growth. Fintech, incorporating a range of industry innovations like the blockchain, digital advisory and trading systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, peer-to-peer lending, equity crowdfunding and online and mobile banking.


What We Want to Do in FinTech?         

      Asia University is so deeply concerned about interference of financial technology. Between 2010 and 2015, investment in the industry boomed from less than $2 billion to nearly $20 billion. Now, finally, Research Center of FinTech and Blockchain starts to investigate how Fintech affects long-standing banks, financial institutions, and economies. An elite school of management at Asia University has also caught up and invested significant curriculum into high education training program for the financial industry. Asia University’s Department of Finance announced incoming full-time undergraduate students will be able to specialize in fintech. With a variety of seven courses ranging from such topics as financial big data analytics and the topics in financial technology, Fintech specialization continues to transform the business landscape at a magnificent pace.

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